STA 2000 and Visionar Progetti: green future

STA 2000 and Visionar Progetti joined for a green future

At the beginning it was born as an inspiration. It is true that respect for the environment has always been our prerogative (it is not surprising that the Romeo seating seats that we produce are entirely plastic free), but the idea of producing small, low-power lithium batteries seemed rather far. As an innovative and cutting-edge company, we knew that the future would be (and will be) the ecological one. Nonetheless, we were focused on producing components for cars and seats for public transport and the concept of moving motorcycles and forklifts, without using fuel (just to give some examples), was not imaginable; even less, to operate portable ovens and aids for the disabled through this technology.

Then one day, STA 2000 and Visionar Progetti from Osimo met and sat down to start a cooperation.

It took very little to compare ideas and come to the conclusion that we have all the credentials to develop together an innovative topical product, thus contributing, at the same time, to environmental well-being.

In the specific case of aids for the disabled, the benefit and advantage that people with walking difficulties can receive is considerable. And the possibility of helping to move a wheelchair, saving the effort of the arms, gives them (and us) great satisfactions.

But what are the key points of our innovative article? We operate at every stage of development, from conception to the final product and the next steps explain the steps that lead to realizing our ecological project.

  • Starting from the customers’ needs (capacity and power to be delivered, dimensions and weight) and finding the difficulties (in the past) to find them, we design and manufacture lithium battery packs tailored for them
  • Based on the experience gained regarding the energy management of vehicles and everything related to battery storage, we use mathematical models and simulation software for the sizing of the battery packs
  • The battery packs are subsequently designed and prototyped for product approval tests
  • We take care of the homologation phase, where necessary
  • We manufacture battery packs according to high quality standards

Our green battery, therefore, is the result of a state-of-the-art study that foresees a customized external part (the hardware, the battery pack), produced in our factory and an internal technological part (a sophisticated software), entrusted to the many years of experience of Visionar Progetti.

Observing the evolution of the market, we immediately convinced ourselves that we had taken the right path, also confirming the “direction” that the imminent commercial future is taking. More and more companies are replacing traditional power systems (electric cable for Dyson vacuum cleaners and appliances to give an example, rather than fuel for cars and motorcycles). From there, the choice to combine our skills to enter, with a qualitative product, into what will be “the green era” (or “ecological era”).

The sector is enjoying 360 ° consensus, in a period that is expected to be quite long. The market is innovative and the product is extremely topical; on the other hand, we are talking about an article that will bring improvements on the type of operation and in the world of mobility, durable … and widely consumed at the same time. As for common batteries, in fact, even the “green” ones will have their own life cycle, with the consequent replacement: for those who produce them, an infinite process.

At the moment we are focusing on four very specific categories, namely: motorcycles (obviously), portable ovens, forklifts and aids for the disabled. But we could also expand the trade to other types of products, such as garden robots and industrial appliances.

This is the vision we have of the next period that we are going to face and the opportunity that is presented in front of us. In a sense, we can say that we are new to the market, but with a long experience behind us in our respective sectors. Experience combined with knowledge will give us the awareness of being able to create a quality product, made available to our customers… and perhaps the idea of merging companies into an excellent brand does not seem to be completely distant.

For now, we are realizing our project on the background of a beautiful friendship and great collaboration.

We will see the rest along the way.