Stop viruses with air sanitizers and antibacterial products by STA 2000 and G.H.A. Europe

Air sanitizers and antibacterial by STA 2000 and G.H.A. Europe

CHANGE!! Abrupt or radical, either you face it or you suffer it. There has been a rapid change in everyday actions and gestures: due to the coronavirus, we find ourselves wearing masks, being spaced out , washing and sanitizing our hands more often, since we don’t know where the virus can hide. And, above all, we do not have the absolute certainty that the environments where we find ourselves are healthy.

We at STA 2000 have moved in this direction, to meet the needs required by the ongoing pandemic To counteract the dangerous Covid-19 bacteria, we are collaborating with G.H.A. Europe in order to make hands and environments 100% safe. How? Through the quality that we have been providing for years and the certifications obtained, with which we guarantee high safety on all our products. While spacing and use of masks are essential to protect yourself from contagion from personal contact, breathing clean air and thoroughly sanitizing your hands complete the perfect picture from a hygienic point of view. Living in healthier environments, especially in this delicate period, is a everyone’s priority and ensuring sanitized air, which can counter Covid-19, is the goal to be pursued day after day.

With these premises, we are committed in helping people feel safer and more protected in the environments in which they live and work, by designing the right solutions to better combat the dangerous and invisible virus, Covid-19.
Specifically, our collaboration and commitment have resulted in the development of products of excellence and the highest quality, suitable for use in ANY PLACE!!!! CE certified and totally Plastic-Free, each of them complies with European regulations and environmental protection (Esg: Environmental, social, governance). But let’s get to know them:


The first to be marketed andto meet the urgent need (then and still required) to sanitize hands in any place. For normo-equipped and disabled people, its practical use makes it an exceptional product for schools, condominiums and gyms, but also for businesses and public gardens. In addition to the variant of colors (stainless steel, green, gold), it is possible to have it totally antibacterial in silver ions surface, or with a stainless steel body, which guarantees durability over time.


It is a sterilizer with a minimal but essential style. The antibacterial silver ions, released into the environment, inhibit the aggressive action of bacteria and viruses present in the air at 99.9% and eliminate the microbial load by neutralizing allergens and odors, sanitizing the air itself inside any room without damaging surfaces, fabrics and plants. Its strengths? The continuous sanitization of the environments, no exposure to the UV-C source, effective and safe even in the presence of air conditioners and people. It is an Ozone-Free product (no Ozone emission) and suitable for rooms up to 50sqm. Its use makes it quite practical. In fact, it is sufficient to connect the plug and press the button to have sanitized air.


Silver Light is the ideal environmental sanitizer for any place. The germicidal spectrum of UV rays and the antimicrobial and non-toxic silver technology, allow 99.9% of bacteria and viruses present in the environment to be annihilated, sterilizing at the same time the air and the contact points, such as: tables, chairs, worktops, school desks and more. Like the strengths of the Silver Blow version, the environment is continuously sanitized, it is safe and effective even in the presence of people and air conditioners and no exposure to UV-C sources. In addition, it is possible to activate a lamp that allows the ozone to sanitize the environment at night. Why Ozone? Simple, it is one of the most potent bactericides in the world present in nature. Through its remarkable disinfectant qualities and far more effective than chlorine, it eliminates bacteria, germs, fungi, viruses and molds (in addition to the most persistent odors, including the annoying one of smoke) in a few minutes and in an absolutely natural way. Equipped with a very high oxidizing power, it protects the Earth from the violent attack of UV-B rays (harmful to our health). But not only!! Being a gaseous substance, it can easily penetrate even the most inaccessible recesses, resulting in 100% sanitation and is recognized by the Ministry of Health as a “natural protection for the sterilization of environments”. It develops 18W of power, to which another 18W from Ozone can be added. Its use is suitable for surfaces ranging from 50 to 80 square meters. As for the Silver Blow, to operate it, connect the plug to the wall, press the button and that’s all !!!


In a moment of emergency such as the one we are facing in this period (Covid-19 emergency), sanitizing the environments plays a decisive role, especially those with a high concentration of people. he column is structured for applications in the civil, tertiary sector, hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants, shops, bars, offices, homes, industrial warehouses, congress and commercial centers and has the same characteristics as the Silver Light; we are therefore talking about continuous sanitizing of environments, safety and efficacy even in the presence of people and air conditioners and no exposure to the UV-C source. The combination of UV-C and the GHA filter with silver ions, combined with the sanitizing action of Ozone, make the environment safe against viruses and bacteria that threaten its health, neutralizing and eliminating pesticides present in a few minutes, making the healthy environment. In this way, it is possible to prevent the appearance of annoying rhinitis, allergies, asthma and respiratory problems, caused by mites, molds, bacteria and dust. The column is equipped with two hepa filters to suck in incoming contaminated air which, subsequently, is treated in the chamber by the UV-C and Ozone lamp and then exits, through the silver ion filter, completely purified and sanitized. Through a control keypad, it is possible to operate the three lamps located inside the column individually or simultaneously. It has the ability to develop 75W, of which 50W obtained from lamps and 25W from Ozone. Because of its power, it is suitable for environments ranging from 80sqm to 250sqm.

The daily use of these products makes the hygiene of our (and your) hands, the air we breathe and the environments we live in, safer and safer. What we supply is the result of innovation, research and development gained in about 40 years of experience, always respecting people and our planet.
We are aware that integrating ideas, people and technology into common development aims to create new jobs and enhance the territory in order to improve the quality and safety of life, as well as the efficiency and sustainability of innovative products through industrial and a certain dynamic creativity. The path taken leads to greater relevance and a better ability to stay close to the customer and the consumer. It is in this way that we want to have an omnichannel vision.