Design/development, co-design,dies and 2D/3D CAD-CAM production equipment(Think 3, Visi, Modelling - Creo, Autoform "Simulator")

The objective is functionality and competitiveness, to create the drawing and product requested by the client.
To achieve this, we use specialist technicians and 3D CAD software to draw and simulate the die and parts to be pressed prior to production.
Once the drawing is analysed, we purchase the raw material for the components for mounting to the die. The finished design is discussed with the workshop, after which they make the die.
CAM programming is used to optimise and improve the downline processes.
After a series of steps, which may include CNC milling, drilling, grinding and electro-erosion, the die is heat treated to the client’s specifications to ensure it performs properly.
It is essential to choose the materials best suited for the performance of the die and the moulded part. Once assembled, the die must be able to handle series production over the years, while guaranteeing a long service life.


"The open and continuous collaboration with the molding department allows immediate technical interventions to improve the functionality of the mold"

Once orders have been booked by staff, they prepare bills of materials and cycles to plan the work and organise production. Clients are increasingly demanding fast delivery times, quality and product documentation. This applies especially to sectors like the automotive industry in which quality, of product and service, is a critical concern.
All our operators are trained and certified by us or by external bodies to ensure they can satisfy these expectations. In particular, our welders are certified by both the Italian and German welding certification bodies. This enables us to be ever more efficient and competitive in certain markets and types of product, like the automotive and railway industries, in which STA 2000 has developed significant turnover in Germany itself.

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"Quality is the prime objective: technicians, supervisors and staff hold regular meetings and inspections to verify the conformity of the entire technical and production process. All problems are resolved by our technical managers in discussion with the Client."

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