STA 2000 was established in 1988 by Franco Galassi, who had broad experience of the sector since 1965, starting in technical drawing at renowned manufacturer of musical instruments Recanati Eko, then moving on to Innocenti-Leyland, the new car Pressing Methods Division of Alfa Sud and later to Faber and Borg & Beck.

From drawing and design, to die making and finishing, Franco Galassi acquired professional and technical experience until he decided to invest his know-how in an industrial project of his own.
Franco Galassi was assisted by his wife Annamaria in the management of STA 2000.
From the very beginnings, STA 2000 included young graduates from technical schools in the Marches region, valuing their creativity, propensity for experimentation and ability to grow with practical experience.
The company took on Giordano Guidi and Marco Zampetti, first as technicians and later as partners.

In just a few years, STA 2000 evolved from providing design and prototyping services to production, even for large industrial groups.
The initial technical office soon grew into the first machining workshop, of just 700 square metres.
STA 2000 later grew into a modern factory of 3700 square metres, now supplemented by other sites for a total area of 7700 square metres.
STA 2000 was established in the Marches region of central Italy, in one of the most important industrial districts for high quality mechanical engineering.

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