Working safely: the taste of the right attestation

Safe working: proud and proud to be STA 2000!!

“What took place on Thursday 14 November at the Federico II hotel in Jesi was a special meeting, which will remain etched in our minds at STA 2000. We were invited to the thematic meeting “Safety working”, organized by the ORIENTAMARCHE association, with a little astonished amazement from our side. Not because the topic wasn’t of interest to us; on the contrary, the safety issues is a sensitive and responsible factor for us, since for years, we have been committed to ensuring that strict safety regulations are observed in our factories in order to take care of ourselves and of our colleagues.
We were honored, more than anything else, to have been invited and rewarded among the many realities of the Marche Region. This has made our group even more proud by making us take another step forward, with the positive response of greater company visibility. With immense pleasure and duty, therefore, to share this milestone achieved with our team, thanking everyone because every day, each of us, strives to achieve the objectives set”.

To speak is Giordano Guidi, shareholder of STA 2000, who on Thursday was the spokesman for the company, for the project “Safety is life” which is based on a global vision of how the safety theme is treated.

The Event took place in a highly respected location such as that of the Federico II hotel in Jesi. Also prominent personalities such as Loretta Bravi at (Regional Councilor for Education, Training, Orientation and Work), MdL Luciano Orlandini (Regional Consul Marche Work Masters of Italy), Fabio Filippetti (Director of PF Prevention and Promotion of Health in the Places of Life and Work – ARS Marche Region), MdL Fabrizio Pierdicca (Regional Coordinator of the School-Work Commission of the Masters of Work of Italy) were taking part to it.

To the event, were invited and rewarded companies from all the Marche Region, with the feature to have over 25 years of experience, who worked and distinguished themselves for their efforts over the years regarding safety at work and for the improvement of certain aspects and introductions of automatisms, aimed at reducing risks in the company; those were: ENNEGI @ S.r.l. of Pesaro (model making and mold making), CNH Industrial Italia S.p.a of Jesi (capital goods sector – capital goods), BIEFFE S.r.l. of Recanati (graphic company that deals with high quality printing) and STA 2000 S.r.l. of Castelplanio (company metalworking specialized in metalworking).

4 High schools of the city of Jesi were also involved, with the aim of making the students reflect on the problems and solutions inherent to safety issues in the work environment: the “Cuppari – Salvati” Higher Institute (Administration, Finance and Marketing), the Scientific High School “Galileo Galilei” (Environmental Biotechnology), the Classical Lyceum “Vittorio Emanuele II” (Human Sciences) and the “Marconi Pieralisi” Higher Education Institute (Computer Science, Mechatronics, Fashion).

The purpose of the meeting, as previously announced, was to raise of the awareness on safety at work, underlining the importance of observing regulatory and behavioral rules by workers and, for this purpose, finding suitable solutions to safeguard the physical integrity. Too many accidents at work, unfortunately, are still reported during the year, many of which could be avoided by using greater caution in those behaviors inherent to the protection of health and avoiding negligent actions in carrying out work maneuvers, regardless of the risks in which could run.
The commitment and the invitation to act was emphasized, so that companies endeavor to provide workers with adequate training, information and prevention in order to highlight the dangers to which the people working in the plants are exposed, having the purpose to reduce as many accidents as possible during the work hours.

Highlighted the main points through videos and interventions on the topic, we passed to the awarding of the participating companies. To introduce them was Giorgio Amabili, Member of the Commission on Safety in the Workplace of the Engineers Order of the Province of Fermo.

One after the other, the award-winning companies briefly illustrated how, in practice, they are working and acting in terms of safety and respect for the environment, as well as solutions adopted by the same to make the workplace more comfortable and safe. It was possible to appreciate how the use of bioplastic glasses is being adopted, rather than refrigerated work rooms during the sultry summer days, or the improvements adopted to safeguard the worker posture in the operating phases and again, a mechanism to avoid accidental falls and breakages of the pieces produced, reducing the probability of causing serious damage to the worker.

Giordano Guidi, for the STA 2000, showed the company plans to the attention of the participants. Following an initial video that introduced the theme of safety, were also presented the works of eyebolts, the basket for work at height and the accident days scoreboard. The representatives of the Masters of Labor complimented the company highlighting “…how nice it is to see that safety starts with the involvement of workers, through their ideas and suggestions…just like Japanese workers do.”

For the Castelplanio company, the CEO, Mr. Franco Galassi himself completed the targeted and precise intervention by Giordano: “Security is always alive, it never dies! And it will be the lever that will help us develop further solutions to project us towards new market prospects. As a company we work to recycle…above all to renew, means and personnel. We are constantly looking for the most advanced technology and young people to envolve in our projects. These are the things we have always believed in and have always followed.”

Mr. Franco Galassi himself highlighted his satisfaction with the award: “The final considerations, after the meeting is over, are somewhat positive. We bring “home” a deserved attestation, the result of a commitment over time, made of a thousand attentions aimed at avoiding accidents at work, together with the collaboration and common sense of all the people present within the company. Our goal on the security front is to continue, unreservedly, along this path that we have been following for many years, in search of further positive aspects…and why not? The healthy ambition to repeat another recognition/goal for the next event.”

Satisfaction is logical and motivated, when you are rewarded by such a high-level association as ORIENTAMARCHE and by illustrious personalities such as those present last Thursday at the Auditorium of Federico II in Jesi.

If you think then, that the Marche are third place in Italy in terms of safety (Google Trends, 6 September 2019) and that the STA 2000 is among the best 4 recognized companies, then it is appropriate to celebrate and be proud of this important milestone.