5 good reasons to choose STA 2000

STA 2000: 5 good reasons to choose it

The automotive world is fascinating and challenging at the same time. If we are talking about a car, for example, what makes this sector distinctive is the awareness that the components produced by your company will be added to those of other companies in order to obtain a car. Several companies in the world of components however, expand and perfect other fields (electromechanical and metalworking in general, among others), but that of the automobile has always been a sector that excites those who drive them and even first those who produce them.

The car manufacturers, for their part, turn to an automotive company on the basis of several variables that satisfy the choices made. At first they do specific research on some companies on the market, examining them in detail; after which, based on certain factors, they choose the one that best reflects their needs.

But what are these factors that determine the final choice? The answer can be found in the next lines.

We at STA 2000 can proudly claim to collaborate with major companies in the automotive sector worldwide. National and international companies that have been relying on us, for many years, for the components we produce for their products. Mutual trust is the basis of a collaboration that has lasted for years now, with the utmost respect on both sides.

And today, where the competition between automotive companies is high and the options for choice by car manufacturers are numerous, it is necessary to know how to distinguish oneself for the know-how, but also for other specific themes and characteristics that a company must have. These are the times of the “fierce” competitors and the desire to grab a larger slice of the “cake”, made available to car components workers, means that innovation, research and development must be daily priorities.

For this, it is necessary to list 5 reasons that can lead to choose our company.

Experience / Reliability

Forty years of experience are many and the fact of being still present on the market today is the demonstration of how much this growth has served to improve where that pinch of inexperience emerged and how persevering our way of doing has become. Our “thirst” of continuos improving, make our group of people a group of collaboration and development.

Experience is also synonymous of reliability and a company with a background of over 40 years is reliable for that customer who seeks professionalism and safety.

Expertise: innovation and development

Affirming competence in all would be like to assert presumption.

It must be said, however, that the competence in our sector has always distinguished us and sometimes made us unique in being chosen by our customers. If your job satisfies a customer, you work well. But when the satisfied customers are dozens, then you are competent and it is a “currency” that you can spend well anywhere, especially in your specific area, well aware of being in competition with many other realities.

Furthermore, being competent means knowing how to innovate and develop new ideas, or improve current ones. In the wake of the transport sector, we have created, developed and are producing seats for public transport (Romeo seating), confirming the desire to progress also in other fields.
The next step will see us engaged in the development of another evolutionary product: small low-power lithium batteries for the green sector.

We still live in times of severe crises and changes, but we see them as great opportunities to develop.


And not only for the certifications obtained over the years, the result of commitment, perseverance and research.

The quality is perceived and contextualized on the items we supply to our customers. We are looking for quality, we are demanding quality… in every step of our production process.

We have the right tools and people to face this type of challenge and commitment to those who turn to us for wanting to produce their own articles. The machines supplied are at the forefront and allow precise and fast processing at the same time, reducing production times and above all delivery, while the team is a young, dynamic and prepared group. We were looking for guys who liked challenges and we found them. With our help they trained and grew. We have invested in them and the qualitative result of our production is the result of that preparation that we wanted there to be, then, in those guys who are now part of our group, with the pride of having them.


Steve Jobs’ famous phrase says it all.

Loving what you do is the basis of any success and goal achieved. The one who stands out among the rest is the person who, in addition to competence and knowledge, places passion as a priority in what he does.

When you set yourself a goal and a path, what makes you move at twice the speed of others is passion…that “fire that burns you inside” to want to progress more and more.
At STA 2000, there is no air of passion. At STA 2000 you breathe passion. And we don’t say it to necessarily highlight a concept or feature. When we compare ourselves even for the simplest things, when we all work together for a project or the simple drafting of an article…well…if this is not passion, we are still very close to defining it as such.


For sure (just to be on topic), it was not last listed as an order of importance among the company’s strengths. In STA 2000 we have always worked to ensure that the physical integrity of our children is protected.

What is it that determines security? Sometimes it is not enough to pay attention to things. It is the information, training and preparation that make the difference in this field. For many years, we have been fighting on the issue of safety to prevent our employees from suffering accidents and not causing others to suffer them. Commitment that saw us rewarded with a Special Award from the Marche Region – Orientamarche – Masters of Labor – in the month of November 2019 together with three other companies from the Marche Region, with over 25 years of experience, who distinguished themselves for their commitment in safety and innovative solutions to improve the working environment. The award that has been recognized is the result of an internal project, “Safety is life”, created and carried out together with our children where, through ideas and proposals, we have created a “path” in which physical integrity on the workplace is the priority to ask yourself every day.

These, in our opinion, are the points that more than others enhance and distinguish us regarding our skills and the customers who have trusted us for years, are proof of how reliable our company is in giving effective and concrete answers also in more difficult and complicated situations.

Conscious and enthusiastic about the path we have taken, we continue the journey with greater tenacity to try to improve what we are doing. The challenges are there and they don’t scare us. We are ready to welcome and achieve any goal that will emerge in the future and the points listed above will be our guide and the “lighthouse” that will illuminate those “dark” moments that we will inevitably meet, strong and aware that

“The darkest moment…is the moment before sunrise.”