The idea creates employment

Working less, working better, working everyone

6-hours day: this is the proposal of the Finnish Premier Sanna Marin dated 26 August 2020 (to read the article, click the link).

“Less hours creates more working places”.

Review the organization of work in flexible hours 6×6 per week to reduce labor costs by 15-20% and include 2-3% of young licentiates/graduates with apprenticeship contracts of 24/36 months in the Company to give more freshness to our companies.
As a company, we support the proposal of the young Finnish Premier for a problem that has been present for years in many countries: “What is normal and what we are, is starting to crack”.
Already 6 years ago, on 10 February 2014, our Administrator proposed in an open letter to the President of Piccola Industria a similar proposal which was probably still premature. Our purpose, in that time, was to rationalize the world of work in order to reduce the state of unemployment that impacted and still impacts on our country, in order to increase the employment rate to over 70%. “Today, in Italy, we are at 59%”. In the same letter, our purpose was to review working hours to tackle the youth and female employment crisis (and births??).
We must strive, together, to face in a modern way the improvement of work productivity as a society, as a company and as a better life as an employee.

Working hours must not compromise the level of income, the increased employment must compensate for the lower contribution costs and more.

It is a challenge of expansive solidarity and a better life: let’s believe it.